Welcome to offfieldafl.com

offfieldafl.com is an attempt to create an online home for the different ‘bits and pieces’ that happen off field the AFL.

The site displays a widespread of AFL related stuff, varying from the best Brownlow medallists, international players, and even entertaining content such as the best players with sleeve tattoos, and the ugliest AFL jumpers of all time.

The site will strive to make the most of the comprehensive understanding that many footy lovers across the country possess by allowing members to have an opinion on players that have been selected in feature articles each week.

Instead of providing readers live and every day AFL news. Our aim is to inform, educate and entertain audience, on unique and interesting OFF FIELD AFL stories and news, celebrating the long history of AFL football.

The way in which we wish to provide our articles is through the use of a theme, “The Best 22.” A brief rundown on what this means is as follows:

  • A new and unique topic will be selected every week  in the format of Best 22 (for example “Best 22: AFL players with sleeve tattoos”)
  • A pool of players will be created with players that fit the criteria for the particular topic chosen.
  • The best 22 players will then be selected in position (Backs, Mids, Forwards)
  • A brief run down on each player will be provided under each player name, in order to explain why particular players have been selected a head of others.

Although this is the current theme of the website, it will remain, a work in progress, as this can never really be complete, open and accepting too new ideas for change and improvement.

The site will live by the motto of trying to provide as much information to the public as we can, but with restrictions of resources and time, it means we will heavily rely on ideas and opinion of the footy public if we are able to attain what we are about “providing unique and interesting OFF FIELD AFL stories and news to celebrate the long history of the great game that AFL is.”

Chris Tetaz