The following Twitter accounts, are people in which inspired me to create this blog, ranging from great statistical AFL journalists, to comedic and entertaining AFL lovers. This list, inspires me everyday to write a mix of fantastic researched pieces that entertain and inform readers. 

Titus O’Reily – @TitusOReily

Titus provides humorous updates daily, which provides a unique an interesting take on AFL news.

Footy Classified – @FootyClassified

Footy Classified provides regular AFL updates, based on statistical analysis and expert opinions.

Gerard Whateley – @GerardWhateley

Gerard Whateley is a well-known AFL journalist, who gives updates into AFL news. He often posts his news through images. 

Damian Barrett – @barrettdamian

Damian Barrett has been awarded the best sports and AFL journalist for the past 3 years. He often posts information that he has sourced himself and thus is breaking. Every Friday he posts one sentence about each club, that is often entertaining and insightful.

Fantasy Freako – @FantasyFreako

Fantasy Freako, a statistic guru who posts about AFL fantasy scores, and analyses every statistic there is to know about each player in games that have been played. 

TBETTA’S Bulletin – @Tbetta9 

Tbetta is a journalist for the website DT TALK and often writes pieces about young players. He reviews all first year players and their weekly playing stats. 

Mark Robinson – @Robbo_heraldsun

‘Robbo’ is an AFL journalist who runs his own TV show ‘AFL 360’ on Fox Footy.  He sources his information himself and posts current and up to date news events. He is very opinionated in regards to AFL issues.

Adam Roy Davey – @RoyDT  and Calvin – @CalvinDT  and Adam ‘Warnie’ Child – @WarnieDT

The three of these people, are the founders of the website DT TALK they often post about AFL news, however from an AFL fantasy prospective. They are experts in the Fantasy field and are very accurate with what they post.

Andrew ‘Gigs’ Gigacz – @AndrewGigacz

Andrew is the admin for the website ‘Australian Football’ he often posts entertaining ‘anagrams’ of AFL related events, players and issues. 


Covering AFL related news, the AFL account is a major source of AFL related content, with updates and links to many stories written by AFL journalists.


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